Learn More About Kenny Chesney and His Songs

Kenny Chesney is a popular American singer. Many people love Kenny Chesney songs because these songs are very easy listening.

They are very friendly to most music lovers. He is very popular for his beautiful country songs.

Chesney has already sold more than 30 million albums since the beginning of his career. It is not an easy task for a musician to achieve this result.

This achievement requires strong characteristics from all musicians who want to achieve their success. Chesney are able to get his success because of his passion in this music industry. He is willing to give the best effort for entertaining all of his fans.

Kenny Chesney Songs

kenny chesney songs
Kenny Chesney Biography

Chesney was born in Knoxville, Tennessee 46 years ago. He grew up in Luttrell from Irish and English descent.

His father is David Chesney, elementary school teacher. His mother is called Karen Chandler, a professional hair stylist in Knoxville area.

He also has one sister, Jennifer Chandler. When he graduated from the high school, he received his first own guitar. This was the first time when he started to learn how to play guitar. He continued his higher degree at East Tennessee State University.

During his college time, he started to grow his skills in playing music. 

In 1989, he recorded his self-released demo album in Bristol, Virginia. This was the first album that he had in his lifetime. At that time, he was able to sell more than 1,000 album copies, while playing at some local clubs in Tennessee.

All of these activities were done before graduating from East Tennessee State University in 1990.

After he graduated from his university, he started his performance at some local clubs. He learnt how to improve his skills in playing music and singing.

That was the beginning of his career as a professional musician before Kenny Chesney songs became very popular at that time.

His career grew very quickly when he met Clay Bradley in 1992.

Bradle recommended Kenny Chesney to his own friend, Troy Tomlinson from Opryland Music Group. During the audition, Chesney performed about 5 different songs. He was very successful in this audition. He left the audition with a contract from this music group.

He started his contract with Capricord Records that had started the country division. His first debut album was My Wildest Dreams that was released in April 1994.

Several years later, Chesney moved to Georgia after Capricord Records closed. He joined the BNA records after moving to Atlanta, Georgia. That was the beginning of his golden era in music industry. He has produced a lot of popular songs since then.

What is He Doing?

Kenny Chesney is still doing his primary job as a country music singer. He is a regular singer at Farm Aid. This is an organization founded by Neil Young, Willie Nelson, and also John Mellencamp. Kenny Chesney songs are very popular among many people from around the world.

He is also writing some songs that are produced for other singers. He is working as a professional songwriter. 

Recently, Chesney’s is involved in a charity work collaborating with V Foundation. This foundation works really hard to help other people fight against cancer. This organization is still working with some professional medical care experts to find the best cure for cancer. Chesney is very committed to dedicate his life for helping other people.

His Love Life

Kenny Chesney married an actress, Renee Zellweger on May, 2005. They celebrated their wedding ceremony on the St. John island.

Four months after their wedding, they announced their wedding annulment. Chesney declared that he planned to life separately from his ex-wife. This wedding annulment was finalized in December 2005. This decision shocked many of his fans.

Many people could not accept this fact about the wedding annulment. Chesney’s love life continued to be uncertain. Nobody knew about his love life. However, many fans were still trying to find the right fact about his love life. 

Kenny Chesney Songs

Kenny Chesney In Concert

Chesney is a popular artist that is able to hide his personal life very carefully. Although Kenny Chesney songs are very popular, he does not want to expose his love life to other people, especially his fans.

However, there are some girls who came into Chesney’s life. This singer was spotted to be together with a beautiful woman, known as Mary, in Hawaii several years ago. She is believed to be Chesney’s girlfriend. However, there is no confirmation coming from this singer. His fans are still wondering about his love life. He wants to keep all of his personal life secret.

Kenny Chesney – Best Songs

There are some popular Kenny Chesney songs. Here are top 3 songs from this popular country music singer. These songs are very famous among many of his fans. Many people enjoy these country songs.

1. There Goes My Life

This is one of the best Kenny Chesney songs. This single was launched in 2004. This song stayed on top of the some country music charts for several weeks. It is a simple song that has deep story inside. This song is all about love life between a young man and a pregnant girl. The story is very meaningful and touching.

2. Summertime

This is another popular song produced by Kenny Chesney. Some people claim that this song is one of the most popular summer country songs today. Summertime dominated the Billboard charts when it was launched in 2006. This song really shows the characters of Kenny Chesney.

3. Don’t Blink

Chesney was trying to do something different in this song. Don’t Blink is a combination of some party songs with some emotional ballads. This song is very meaningful for all Chesney’s fans. There are many people who love listening to this song. It was one of the fastest rising Kenny Chesney songs on his entire career.


Since the beginning of his career, Chesney has already been honored with some popular awards from many institutions and music organizations, for example Country Music Association, Academy of Country Music, Billboard Music Awards, Country Music Television, People’s Choice Awards, American Music Awards, and many other awards.

All of these awards show the quality of Kenny Chesney songs. He is a very talented musician who is able to produce high quality song. He also works as a songwriter.

There are many people who are happy with his songs.

Therefore, he becomes very popular among many people today.